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STRIVE Young Adults

The focus of STRIVE is to encourage and foster independence in work skills, personal life, and social interaction among peers. Individuals who attend STRIVE classes will have additional exposure to job readiness skills, household responsibilities, appropriate hygiene, and grooming skills as well as community involvement and leisure skills. STRIVE aims to ensure that individuals are prepared for the next step in their lives by teaching and practicing critical skills for independence in adulthood.


Participants are individuals age 18-29 that are able to independently participate in a group learning environment with minimal support/supervision and without disruptive or aggressive behavior.  

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Jessica King

Jessica King is dedicated to building independence, life and social skills in her students.  She has over 15 years experience working with adolescents and young adults helping them build the skills they will need to be successful following high school.  She has a passion for working neurodiverse populations to help them to meet their fullest potential.  Jessica prides herself in creating meaningful activities that teach skills and make connections that often lead to life long relationships.  

"STRIVE has been a big part of my son's development. The confidence the classes have instilled in him through instruction, wisdom, and mentoring has been instrumental in his development as an adult. Don’t know where we would be without this program."



"The class was a good way for my son to make friends and transition from high school to adulthood."


"I liked meeting new people. I like learning about myself.”


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