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Summer Social Connections

Summer Social Connections activities are designed with participant interest in mind and allow for social connection around shared interest.  All activities are available for middle school, high school and young adult participants, with facilitators to allow for groups to split up if needed.  

Sign up for a variety of activities to keep your tween, teen or young adult connected with others during the summer.

Rush Funplex Hangout | June 4 and July 18
 6:00pm-9:00pm at Rush Funplex.  We will have unlimited play passes to Rush Funplex. Participants can play in a giant foam pit, play mini golf, laser tag, pool, bowl, ride go carts and bumper cars. If they would like to purchase an arcade card to play games they are more than welcome. There are snacks available, but there is no option for meal type food and we are not allowed to bring food in. We would suggest your participant eating before they come.

PRICE: $45

Pizza and Fun Night| June 14, 28 and July 12, 26
6:00-8:00pm at John Gano Chapel (adjacent room). This is like our usual game night, but we will have games, Mario Cart, Karaoke and simple crafts to meet the interest of all our monthly participants.  There is also a bit more time than what we have during the school year. Bring your favorite video game, board game or card game and hang out with friends!  Price includes at least 2 slices of pizza and a Sprite.

PRICE: $30 per event

Pool Party|June 18 and July10
12:00-3:00 pm at Liberty Community Center. 

ome hang out with other kids at the Liberty Community Center pool.  We will have Authentic Connections staff available to monitor and provide assistance at a ratio of 1/10.  We will also have pizza and gatorade available for lunch! Send your participant with any spending money for additional snacks or drinks and just come enjoy the sun and fun with friends!

PRICE: $30 per event
Mission Board Game Hangout| July 8
6:00-8:00 pm at Mission Board Games--North KC Location. Bring your favorite board game or come and play some board games available at Mission Board Games. This store sells games of all shapes and sizes, but they also have events where people come to share their love of games. Monday night is board game night. Come try something new, play a favorite or just enjoy hanging out with others. 10 participant limit for this event.
PRICE: $23 per event
Jaeger's Laser Tag| July 15
6:00-7:30pm at Jaeger's Laser Tag. Participants will have 3, 10 minute laser tag games with a break for 2 slices of pizza and a water or Sprite.


PRICE: $35 per event
Main Event| June 20 and July 24

6:00-8:00pm Main Event North Location

Cost includes 1 hour of bowling, 2 slices of pizza and a medium drink, $10 game card to play video games and a ticket to do one of the following: 

  • laser tag

  • gravity ropes course 

  • add an additional $10 to their game card. 

If your participant would like to play video games beyond $10 (or $20 if they choose that option) or would like other refreshments, please send them with additional spending money. Authentic Connections staff will assist with budgeting their money and making purchases.

PRICE: $40 per event
Healthy Relationships Class| June 25 and July 2, 9, 18, 23, 30

6:00-8:00pm John Gano Chapel (adjacent room) 

Break down of the topics covered:

The first portion of the curriculum begins the following topics

  • Relationships in my life and identifying Healthy Relationships

  • Decision Making 

  • Understanding consent 

  • Being in/defining a relationship, knowing if you are ready? 

  • Public vs. Private

  • From friend to partner/sweetheart? 


The second portion of the curriculum moves on to talk about the following topics pertaining specifically to sex education:

  • Anatomy of private areas and caring for your body 

  • Puberty, and its impact on sexual feelings

  • Decision making and safe practices when being intimate

  • An introduction to reproduction

PRICE: $375 for 6 week course
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