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Social Skills Classes

Social skills classes are packed with engaging activities that promote the naturalistic repeated practice of social skills.  We use an evidence-based Behavioral Skills Training framework consisting of:

  1. Instruction

  2. Modeling

  3. Rehearsal

  4. Feedback


Participants are neurodiverse individuals with verbal language skills.  They are able to independently participate in a group learning environment with minimal support/supervision and without disruptive or aggressive behavior.  

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Dr. Sabrina Mitchell

Dr. Sabrina Mitchell is the owner of Authentic Connections and the instructor for our middle and high school social skills classes.  Sabrina has been working with neurodiverse individuals for 20+ years in the public school setting and specifically teaching social skills classes for the last 10 years.  She is passionate about building skills in her students in natural and engaging ways to meet their own personal goals.  She is a lifelong learner consistently learning about and relying on evidence-based practices to deliver social skills instruction.  Dr. Mitchell earned her Ph.D. in Special Education with an emphasis in autism and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  She looks forward to connecting with you!

"The class uses role play and games to help kids practice social skills without them even realizing it!"
-High School Participant


"The lessons taught by Dr. Mitchell show up in the way my son interacts with his peers and even adults. He's still cautious and nervous when he's with peers, but he's learned skills to help him manage social gatherings. He's growing and that's exactly what we hoped he'd do." 


Authentic Connections' Teen Social Skills classes have been tremendously impactful to my teen. As a queer-identifying, gender-non-conforming, autistic teen, navigating the social world of high school is often fraught with challenges and confusion. In just a few months of attending group, I see a huge difference in my child's self confidence and the way in which she engages with others
-High School Participant Parent
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