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Group topics and activities are directly driven by participant needs.  Support is tailored and often involves prompts of things to work on between sessions.  It uses a talk therapy framework focused on fostering healthy wellbeing and mental health habits. Consider signing up for one of our support groups:

  • Middle School

  • High School

  • Young Adults


This group is for individuals that can interact in a group situation.  Individuals appropriate for this support should have adequate language skills, being able to express themselves adequately and participate in a small group sharing environment.

Dale Williamson

Dale is a licensed professional counselor and has helped create supportive communities for individuals overcoming difficulties for over 40 years. She understands how helpful it is for neurodiverse individuals navigating the complexities of life to find a space where they can build connections with others who understand exactly what they’re experiencing.  Dale has experience treating a variety of ages as well as emotional regulation, managing divorce, grief, physical and emotional abuse, depression, anxiety and ADD/ADHD. ​

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